Ana Locking - Creative Director

Ana Locking

Ana Locking is a Madrid based womenswear, menswear and accessories brand founded in 2008 by designer Ana González.

Ana’s affinity for fashion and art began at an early age as she was inspired by watching her seamstress mother create garments. She later studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid where she further developed her visual take of the world and her passion for beauty, quality and originality. Ana’s drive and ambition are fueled by her belief in the power of a dream, the importance of equal opportunity and the freedom to achieve one’s goals through determination and hard work. This universal and timeless idea of turning a dream into reality is something Ana identifies with as it defines her entire life experience; from infancy to her professional development and intellectual, cultural and personal growth.

Ana Locking, the brand, is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail with a sense of ease. The juxtaposition of artisanal hand-made details and avant-garde design is key to her identity.

The materials and fabrics for each collection are carefully selected and custom-made to create garments with an emphasis on quality tailoring. The concept of every collection is a manifestation of Ana’s inspiration which she draws from contemporary art, youth culture and personal life experiences.

Ana Locking has played an important role in reinvigorating Spanish fashion. Awarded as the best designer of Mercedes Fashion Week for her first collection, the emerging brand was established as a leading talent in the industry. Ana Locking has won the L’Oréal París Award twice for the Best Collection of MBFW, the Marie Claire Gran Prix Award for the National Designer of the Year, and the Cosmopolitan FFF for the National Designer of the Year, among others.

Aside from her work as a fashion designer, Ana continues to delve into the world of fine arts by collaborating with several cultural institutions and artistic organizations locally and abroad through exhibitions, installations, video-art, photography, seminars, conferences, master classes, and more. Ana Locking has collaborated with the following institutions: MNCARS (National Museum of Art Reina Sofía); MUSAC (Museum of Modern Art of Castilla-León); IVAM (Institute of Modern Art of Valencia); DA2 (Museum of Modern Art of Salamanca); Museum of the Costume, Madrid; American House of Madrid; Canal de Isabel II of Madrid; INJUVE (Youth Institute of Madrid); The Factory Gallery of Madrid, NY Public Library.

Not only does Ana strive to further develop her imagination and eye for the art world, but she also shares her knowledge with aspiring fashion designers working as a professor since 2011 at the fashion school (Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de Madrid) at the Polytechnic University of Madrid where she runs the final fashion show every year.

“I've learned it's important to not limit yourself. I’ve always tried to do what I really love, no matter how many obstacles I’ve encountered. My work is the result of all my life experiences!”.
Ana Locking

Fashion Shows:

• `A Short Story Of Weird Girls´ PV20 (MBFWM)
• `Kaspar Hauser´ FW19-20 (MBFWM)
• `Realness´ PV19 (MBFWM)
• `Fear´ FW18-19 (MBFWM)
• `Preachers and believers´ PV18 (MBFWM)
• `The Dreamer´ FW17-18 (MBFWM)
• `The Thinker´ PV17 (MBFWM)
• `Antihero´ FW16-17 (MBFWM)
• `Foreva´ PV16 (MBFWM)
• `Doppelgänger´ FW15-16 (MBFWM)
• `The Magic Mountain´ PV15 (MBFWM)
• `American Landscape´ OI14-15 (MBFWM)
• `What Does God Say´ PV14 (MBFWM)
• `McGuffin´ OI13-14 (MBFWM)
• `The Talk´ PV13 (MBFWM)
• `Time Capsule´ OI12-13 (MBFWM)
• `Under Beauty´ PV12 (Cibeles Fashion Week, Madrid)
• `Stance´ OI11-12 (Cibeles Fashion Week, Madrid)
• `Insides´ PV11(Cibeles Fashion Week, Madrid)
• `Spinning Destiny´ OI10-11(Cibeles Fashion Week, Madrid)
• `Antídoto´ PV10 (Cibeles Fashion Week, Madrid)
• `Miracles´ OI09-10(Cibeles Fashion Week, Madrid)
• `Arc d´hystérie´ PV09 (Cibeles Fashion Week, Madrid)
• `Reentry´ OI08-09 (Cibeles Fashion Week, Madrid)


• `Made in Spain. Creating fashion for the world´ Fashion Collective (Spanish Ambassador House, London. England / Spanish Ambassador House, Lisboa. Portugal / Spanish Ambassador House, Paris. France)
• `Behind the scenes: Art and Fashion´ Fashion Collective (IVAM, Valencia. Spain)
• `The Fashion is Dream´ Fashion Collective (Cerralbo Museum, Madrid. Spain)
• `The Saints of Zurbarán´ Fashion Collective (Santa Clara Space, Sevilla. Spain)
• `Back to the Roots´ Fashion Collective (Gabarron Foundation, NY. EEUU)
• `20 Outfits for Russia´ Fashion Collective (The Cervantes Institute of Foreign Trade and The Cervantes Institute, Moscow. Russia)
• `4 EYES´ Video Art - Fashion Collective (New York Public Library, NY. EEUU)
• `The invisible plot of things´ Fotography (La Casa de los Tiros, Granada. Spain)
• `Man in skirt´ Fashion Collective (El Casino de la Expo, Sevilla. Spain)
• `The fashion and the clasics´ Fashion Collective and Fashion Show (Theatre Museum of Almagro, Spain)
• `20 icons of the XX Century´ Fashion Collective (Indumentary Museum, Madrid. Spain)
• `SkyLight´ Fashion Collective (Trump Soho, NY. EEUU)
• `Bipolar´ sculpture Installation (Cultures Forum, Barcelona. Spain)
• `Regret´ sculpture Installation (MUSAC, León. Spain)
• `Not for Three´ Installation - Video Art (Royal Factory of Tapestry, Madrid. Spain )
• `1 trips around a bag´ Fashion Collective (IVAM, Valencia. Spain)
• `Fahrenheit´ photography- Video Art (American House, Madrid. Spain)
• `Köning´ Video Art (Circuit Fashion week, Barcelona. Spain)
• "Beat" Video Art (MACBA. Barcelona. Spain)
• `Behind the Mirror´ Fashion Collective (MNCARS, Madrid. Spain)
• `Vanity cell´ Installation (Galeria The Factory Gallerie, Madrid. Spain)
• `Music for Landscapes´ photographic installation (INJUVE, Madrid. Spain)
• `629227710´ Photography (American House, Madrid. Spain)
• `7 women´ Video Arte (American House, Madrid. Spain)
• `From 35 to 45´ Fotografía (American House, Madrid. Spain)
• `12 Portraits´ Fotografía (Canal de Isabel II, Madrid. American House, Madrid. EFTI, Madrid. Spain
• Merchandising design for The Contemporary Art Museum of Salamanca "DA2". Spain